Splitty and the Tool Team


Hi, I’m Splitty. I am a 1960 model VW utility vehicle that loves to work in and around Canberra’s suburbs with my friends – the Tool Team. They call me Splitty because I have amazing front windscreens that are split so they open up at the front and back to keep me cool (as a cucumber, Baby).

We all love working together. The Tool Team can get in and out of the tray making our work much more efficient and so much fun! We have been working together for years now. There were more like me once upon a time. We had a whole fleet working for ACTEW in the 1950s-1960s. Now there is just me and my tool team.

We love all our clients, especially those who remember me from when I was sparkly and new. We also love children (they think I am a movie star)! Keep an eye out for us in and around Canberra.

These are the members of the Tool Team and they are all my friends:

Name: Ripper – ripper by name not by nature
Job: An adjustable shifter able to be used with any size pipe fitting
Work ethic: Ripper rips in and gets the job done.
Enjoys: Hanging on to the back of splitty


Name: Penny – a pretty pink plunger
Job: Plunge away fixture blockages with ease and grace
Work ethic: Won’t give up until flow has returned
Enjoys: Sticking in Splitty’s blind spot while driving


Name: Twisty – keeps on turning
Job: There when you need him to turn water on and off
Work ethic: Has been in the industry for many years and we can’t do without him
Enjoys: Spraying water on Ripper when he least expects it


Name: Jaws – Shifter’s best friend
Job: To remind everyone “Righty tighty, lefty loosey” just in case they forget
Work ethic: Always smiling and happy at work
Enjoys: Singing, all.the.time

So when you see us at your home one day or out and about doing charity work, please say hello or give us a wave. We are really friendly and love to chat.



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