Tanks, Pumps and Gutters

Rusty or leaky gutters? If you’re reluctant to get your gutters repaired or replaced – we hear you! But when your gutters aren’t coping with downpours anymore, the water damage to your home could end up being unsightly and costly to fix.

While home improvements like bathroom and kitchen alterations will make your home more beautiful, functional and valuable – getting your humble guttering repaired or replaced will have a positive impact, too. At Canberra Plumbing and Drains, we guarantee it.

We are fully licensed technicians and gutter installers, which means we are up-to-speed on building codes and standards. Just to give you a little more confidence in our compliant gutter repairs and replacements service, our gutters have a 20-year product warranty.

Ready to go? Give us a call about the following services:

  • roof guttering repairs
  • roof gutter replacements
  • metal fascia to clad over existing timber facia
  • tank and rainwater harvesting and design
  • stormwater charge systems and design
  • pump and rain switch repairs
  • pump and rain switch replacements
  • pressure pump repairs
  • pressure pump replacements


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