There are many joys to having a pet in your life – from the smallest hamster, to the biggest horse, and everything in between – however, they can wreak havoc on your plumbing. 

Below are four ways to pet-proof your plumbing:

  • Rinse or wash pets outside. Your pets’ fur and the dirt or mud on them can get stuck in drains and can quickly become clogged. Washing your pets outside will allow your drains to remain clear and also give your garden a bit of a water! Another alternative is to use a drain stopper that will collect any hair or dirt 
  • Ensure your pets have plenty of water. If they don’t have enough water, your pets will start looking elsewhere for it. The water they find may not be the cleanest for them to drink or it may be somewhere that you don’t want them drinking from. Your pet may find the water in the toilet bowl (GROSS!) and to get to it, they may scratch up or damage the toilet in order to get to it. Ensuring the water is readily available will save you from having to repair any of your plumbing.
  • Cover exposed pipes.  Exposed pipes can be seen as something to chew on for your pet. Ensuring that piping is covered will help to prevent a pricy issue – whether that be because your pet has damaged the pipe and it now requires repairs or replacement, or your pet has hurt themselves.
  • Don’t flush cat litter down the toilet. Cat litter can easily block your drains as it doesn’t break down in water. Instead of flushing the litter, put it in a bag to throw away or purchase a self-cleaning litter box.

Do you have any other ideas on how to pet proof your plumbing? Or maybe some photos of how you have pet proofed the plumbing around your home? Let us know or share the photos with us on our Facebook page: Canberra Plumbing & Drains. Don’t forget to show us a photo of your pet too!