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At Canberra Plumbing, we try our hardest to answer all emergency calls. If we don’t reach it in time, we will immediately return the call. What’s more, we assure our customers with a two-hour arrival window for our plumbers attending an emergency call out. And as a bonus, our team will stay on the phone to talk you through the situation while you wait for our expert plumbers and drain cleaning Canberra team to arrive, even if it’s after-hours.

Plumber fixing a blocked drain


Although it’s sad to say, we know that most people have had the disappointing experience of cowboy drain servicers at some point in time. We at Canberra Plumbing plan on changing that narrative and people’s perception of plumbers. We turn up on time, every time, and we also provide great customer service and excellent communication. That means you can count on hearing from us, whether it’s personally from the professional plumber attending to your job or our office team, whenever there is something important that you need to know. We’ll never keep you wondering about what’s going on and when.

Using an electric eel to unblock a drain


Don’t be caught out by other Canberra blocked drains services that advertise a package that seems too good to be true – it usually is. Canberra Plumbing & Drains is a family-owned business that we have built up and nurtured over the past 20 years. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and we choose to be completely transparent about our pricing. Upfront pricing means no hidden costs or unexpected surprises when the bill arrives. We own all our own equipment and all our plumbers are highly skilled and expertly qualified – so you can count on us for providing value for money.

Plumber fixing a blocked drain



Or if you have any plumbing problems that aren’t as urgent, simply give us a call or fill in the online enquiry form. We will respond within 10 minutes to discuss your drain problem and schedule a time when our blocked drain services can come around to assess and repair. Don’t worry about how big or small the plumbing job is – our experienced team has all the blocked drain solutions.

Once the team has arrived, they’ll fill you in on exactly what they’ll be doing, as well as the cost. Then, we get on with the job…

so you can get on with your life!


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We are fully licenced Plumbers


We have unparalleled levels of care for our clients and their drains

We clear, repair and replace all blocked drains



Family-Owned. Independent. Canberra Locals.

I’m Andrew Skipper, and I’m the Master Problem Solver and Owner of Canberra Plumbing & Drains.

My family and I have been providing Canberra with the best plumbing services in town for over two decades. We never cut any corners – from qualified staff to premium equipment to fantastic communication – our consistent customer satisfaction means your home or business will always be happy with our plumbing services provided.


Our team is sought after by Canberra locals when they need great quality service in Jerrabomberra and the Queanbeyan areas: call us right away when you need the job done right the first time around. 

Plus, we pride ourselves on being the best communicators around:

  • When we say same-day service, we mean it.
  • We patiently explain any questions you might have.
  • We will telephonically talk you through a serious plumbing emergency until our professionally qualified plumbers arrive on the scene to take over.
  • Each and every Canberra plumber in our crew is the best of the best in the trade. Our constant communication from all avenues means there aren’t any unwelcome surprises, expectations not being met, or plumbing service that’s below par.

Our fabulous office staff keep the plumbers on their toes and ensure everything runs efficiently. They schedule a time that suits you and make sure the blocked drains team knows where they’re going and what they’re doing. Your time is important, so we will always arrive ready and prepared to get the job done. Fast. On-time. And with professional and friendly service.

We care about the Canberra community just as much as we care about pesky drain issues! We’re your mates and encourage you to count on us as your go-to for any issues relating to plumbing, heating appliances, air conditioning, central heating or hot water systems in Canberra. Get to know the friendly faces of our awesome team.

No one thinks they’ll love their blocked drain repairer until that plumber over-delivers on their promises (and saves the day!)

“Brodie was super helpful as was his offsider on the day. Did a cheeky drain unblock on his way out. 😁. Thanks so much guys.”

“It was an extremely respectful, professional and well executed service…”

They showed up when they said they would (on the same day) and most importantly I didn’t have to worry about a thing as they took care of everything from start to finish…”

“…you get a professional job with prompt service, transparency in what it may cost and why, and they clean up after themselves.”

Andrew Skipper - Manager of Canberra Plumbing

We’ll guarantee our drain cleaning, Canberra. And more… I’ll personally promise we will always strive to go above and beyond your expectations.

We take our credentials very seriously

For nearly 25 years, this family-owned and operated company has worked hard to maintain its reputation as a premier plumbing repair service for Canberrans across all areas of town. Experience, skills and qualifications are our top priority, and our technicians are constantly upskilling and finding the newest and best technology to help us be better and more efficient.

It’s important to find a professional company like ours who will embrace quality workmanship on all their services thanks to their plethora of knowledge on the subject. Combined with the right tools and equipment, you can be assured that our whole process of cleaning blocked drains, Canberra, is professional and reliable.

We’re comprehensively insured, and we’ve racked up 19 years with HIA as a Silver Member.

More Customer Love for Canberra Plumbing & Drains

Don’t just take our work for it


“…I managed to book in super quickly for an emergency issue. The booking window was only 2hrs and they called half an hour before so it was super easy for someone working full time…

…Great service. Turned up on time!

…Pricing was super reasonable considering the quality work…

“…From the initial call answering to the appointment booking and plumber’s visit, everything was done with utmost professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction…

Our motto is:
‘Done once, done right’

Plumbing van with Canberra in background.

Our plumbing service will always be delivered with high professionalism here at Canberra Plumbing & Drains. Each Canberra plumber on our team works hard and provides exceptional customer service.

Your blocked drains Canberra are no match for our fast plumbing service. We’ll sort out the problem quickly and efficiently so that it never has to bother you again.

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Canberra Plumbing & Drains works with only the best – so we deliver only the best

Our plumbers in Canberra have the right equipment and tools for any type of drain cleaning. From assessing your current situation, to removing storm water blockages – we can get it done fast with quality workmanship that won’t leave you waiting around all day long. We only invest in top tier plumbing parts that do the job well and last long.


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What do I do if I have a blocked drain?

If you ever find yourself in need of an experienced plumber who can come out on the same day for emergency plumbing, our team is always ready and available. Don’t hesitate to give us a call right away. While a blocked drain plumber makes his way to your home, we’ll stay on the line and provide guidance on the situation until they arrive to take over. Our local team has an extensive knowledge of Canberra, Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra. No national call centres here! Only the best, personalised service.

Common blocked drain concerns busted:
  • A blocked toilet won’t overflow inside but rather at the overflow point outside the home. This is as long as the sewer drains have been installed according to Australian regulations. Repeatedly flushing the blocked toilet won’t help.
  • Blocked stormwater won’t affect toilets, basins, sinks, showers or baths. Stormwater affects the outside drainage and the sewer system handles the inside drainage. Rain will in no way affect blocked toilets.
  • No matter what the marketing on the package claims, foreign objects like wet wipes, paper towels or sanitary items should never be flushed down the toilet.
  • Drain specialists are a lot more qualified to design and install drainage than a landscaper. If your stormwater service isn’t effectively draining surface water out of your yard, rather consult plumbers from Canberra Plumbing & Drains who are experienced and certified in drainage.

Licensed professionals waiting to help, make an enquiry now


  • You can expect our arrival within a 2 hour window.
  • When we come to your house is entirely up to you. We don’t group jobs in the same area on one day.
  • We are always prepared and will have received the relevant information about the drains and mains on your block so that our Canberra plumbers can clear your drainage system accurately.
  • Our specialised equipment can clear from the nearest point to the drain blockage, all the way to the mains.
  • The condition of the drains will affect how efficiently we can clear them, but we will always  clear them to the greatest capacity possible.
  • The job isn’t complete until we’re sure that the drainage problem is clear and there aren’t any other blockages.
  • We provide a report that you can keep on record of the drain cleaning performed so that you know what was done and why, and make any recommendations or suggestions to note.

If you need your gas heater serviced, we are here to help. You can give us a call or email us to arrange a time for our qualified gas heater servicing team to attend your home in Canberra, Queanbeyan or Jerrabomberra.

Plumbing van in Canberra area
Why has my drain blocked up?

There are many external things that can cause sewer and stormwater blockages like tree roots and other debris. Or, it can be things flushed down the drain that shouldn’t have been, like sanitary items, wet wipes, food, grease and oil – you’d be surprised what your family or guests might be flushing without your knowledge. 

If you want to investigate the problem yourself, here’s how you can narrow down what could be the cause of your Canberra blocked drains:

  1. A foreign object was flushed down the drain even though it shouldn’t have been;
  2. Tree roots might be growing in your drains causing blockages, and larger roots risk clogging the sewer or stormwater drain;
  3. Anything on the ground’s surface live debris, leaves and mud can be washed into the stormwater drains when it rains; 
  4. Unfortunately, sub-par installation of new drains is a common issue our plumbers see that negatively impacts the drainage’s performance and longevity;
  5. Lack of proper maintenance and blocked drains not being cleared correctly or with substandard equipment can lead to broken drains.

Our drains work hard every single day. But, the weather and flushing down anything that’s NOT toilet paper things will take its toll on your drains. If you haven’t had drain cleaning or regular maintenance done, it’s not fair to expect them to be able to work to their full potential. Our expert plumbers have cleared, repaired and replaced drains all over Canberra.

What Is Better For Clearing My Drain - The Electric Eel or the High Pressure Water Jetter?

When you use our Canberra blocked drains services, we have two options that we use for clearing sewers or stormwater drains:

  1. The plunger or air snake/
  2. The electric eel
  3. The high pressure water jetter (also known as the jet blaster, hydro jet, water jet and jet blast plumbing)

The electric eel makes use of a cable that has a cutter head at the end which is fixed to a machine that turns the two. The eel is manually fed into the drain system network and it cuts through anything in its way. There are different cutter heads that are appropriate and can be used on different blocked drains. The only downside is, the cutter head can’t be more than 75% of the drain’s circumference, so not all of the blockage can be reached and adequately cleared, like tree roots.

Jet blast plumbing is a very versatile way to tackle Canberra blocked drains. The jetter combines a high powered pump, hoses, water tank and specialised nozzles that are fed through the drain system network. Once it’s inside, the hose powerfully blasts water to push away blockages like debris and tree roots. The loosened problem makers (that is, remnants of the blockages) are washed down to the sewer or stormwater mains and away from your house drains forever. 

Jet blast plumbing has a pump that’s power can be lowered or heightened so that the water coming out is controlled by our experts and carefully manipulated so that it won’t damage your house’s drains. Jet blast plumbing has many benefits for blocked drains in Canberra. The versatile attachable nozzles can be used to remove all blockages, and the power of the water allows it to clear the whole way around the drain’s circumference, making it as clear as day.

But jet blast plumbing isn’t always the best choice for all stormwater drains in Canberra. Many older services have been installed in concrete pipework and concrete drains can become brittle with time, which makes them particularly susceptible to damage from jet blasting. Luckily, the sewer drains that are clay don’t become brittle like their concrete counterparts. We will always do pre-screening and choose the right route for your situation.


Canberra Plumbing & Drains has built up an extensive range of only the best specialised equipment over the years, that’s the best for the job of unblocking your drains:

  • Our blocked drain plumbers have been set up with customised service vehicles that are completely equipped for any emergency, with a CCTV camera, electric eels, high pressure water jetters, and of course, all the general plungers and standard equipment needed to successfully perform drain services.
  • We have environmentally friendly root inhibitors in stock that can be applied down the sewer drains that are in need of this service.
  • The blocked drain plumbers onsite at your home have immediate access to plans, maps and a plethora of digital data about your sewage system and drains so that they can make informed decisions and act immediately rather than wasting everyone’s time.
  • We are very lucky to have a wonderful administrative team that assists our drainage team and plumbers to ensure all aspects of the job are communicated effectively and efficiently to all parties, so you can expect excellent customer service all round. 

Canberra Plumbing & Drains has been serving the Canberra region for over twenty years. We don’t need to play hard to get anymore – we provide upfront pricing and don’t bother playing games and having hidden costs. All our drain plumbers in Canberra are highly skilled and professional and just want to get the job done.



What will the blocked drain plumber do when they are at my home?

The blocked drain specialists from Canberra Plumbing & Drains will begin by carrying out the necessary investigations so that they can find the plumbing problem that requires drain cleaning. In some cases, extensive repairs might be needed for broken drains, or aspects of the drains might need to be replaced.

You can trust that we would never go ahead and do anything without consulting you first and discussing the quote. I guess you could say that we’re old school, because we believe in integrity and honesty. There won’t be any surprise bills that you weren’t expecting. Our plumbers in Canberra are members of the community, not fly-by-nighters who are just trying to make a quick buck.

Our team has looked after some of our lovely clients’ drains in Canberra for more than twenty years. And we believe it’s all down to customer satisfaction: they know that they can trust and rely on our services because we are always willing to help.

Depending on what the plumbing issue is that you are experiencing, a blocked drain plumber from Canberra Plumbing & Drains will do something along the lines of the following:

  • Carefully examine the plumbing work on the inside, outside and underside of the house;
  • Test the clogged drain and evaluate its response to identify the specific location of the blockage and narrow down the cause;
  • A diagnosis will be made and our blocked drain specialists explain what the issue is to you and discuss what the different options are so that you can decide what you would like to do moving forward;
  • Once you’ve decided on the plan of action, the expert blocked drain plumber will start the process of doing your drain cleaning;
  • If the drains require repairs, only the best quality materials will be used by any plumber from the Canberra Plumbing team. Plus, we offer customers a warranty to back our service performance.
When is it a good time to ask questions?

If you think of a question, don’t be shy! Our drain cleaning plumbers will have all the answers. They’re very experienced and there’s nothing they can’t answer for you – so ask away anytime if needed. It’s especially useful to ask questions beforehand or during the procedure. This way, everyone will be on the same page and everything can run smoothly from start to finish if any misunderstandings are addressed nice and early.

What Happens if My Drain Can’t Be Unblocked?

You are probably asking this question because you have, unfortunately, been experiencing ongoing issues with your drains for some time. Only a small percentage of drains are unable to be cleared at all, and that can be because one of these two main reasons:


  • The blockage is inaccessible. Even the extremely specialised equipment like the electric eel or high pressure water jet are physically unable to reach the blockage;
  • The blockage is being caused by an item that can’t be cut through using the jaws of the eel or blasted away by the water of the high pressure water jetter. This could be a toy ball, a toilet deodoriser, tree root infestations or even a collapsed drain.

Depending on where the location of the blockage is, what item is creating the blockage, the drain’s age and the infrastructure above the drain – the expert plumber will make a recommendation on what the best solution might be. Our recommendations often include:


  • Modification – we recommend this if we are able to add an access point in the network to gain access to the blockage.
  • Rediversion – we recommend this when we identify a more efficient way to run a new drain while leaving the existing drain right where it is in its current location.
  • Replacement – we recommend this when we have access to the drains but they are beyond repair.
  • Pipe relining – we recommend this excellent service when drains are inaccessible, for example, being under the house slab. But, there are numerous restrictions on the successfulness of pipe relining so it is not commonly recommended. Canberra Plumbing & Drains has many years of vast experience working with pipe relining and drain relining, so we know when pipe relining is an appropriate option and when it will be successful or not. Unfortunately, companies often recommend pipe relining prematurely and don’t realise its drawbacks. Our experts never take shortcuts or cut corners, so you can trust that we only recommend something we back fully.
      Why Do My Drains Need Replacing?

      Clearing blocked drains can be daunting if it means that your sewer drains could be old and broken and need replacing. Sometimes stormwater drains could need to be replaced sometimes too, but because their symptoms are less severe, you can get away with putting it off.

      However, in our professional opinion, stormwater and sewer drains that are left in a poor condition in need of replacement can become dangerous and begin to undermine the home’s structural components such as the footings. If someone on our drain services team recommends replacing your drains, they are giving advice for the long term (that might be expensive in the short term) but will absolutely be cheaper than leaving it and creating an even bigger and more expensive problem.

      The benefits of using Canberra Plumbing & Drains to replace your drains are:


      • Our experience in the drainage industry is second to none. We have worked on every type and size of project, large or small! Our team are experts with sewer drains as well – don’t worry about your kitchen sink overflowing at 2am: we’ll be there before it happens again;
      • We provide a custom plan detailed in our quotation for the work that will be done. We include ALL information on any additional fees that may come up along with this process – we’re always 100% transparent;
      • Our team starts a job, stays to complete it with excellence and keeps that up until we and you are satisfied. We don’t perform jobs in bits and bobs like some of our competitors do;
      • We have all the professional equipment necessary for drainwork and replacements, such as excavators, kangas, truck, tipper trailers, concrete cutters, pumps, transfer pumps and many other highly specialised tools and equipment;
      • It’s a given that Canberra Plumbing & Drains clears up after excavation work. Our team will finish up with minimal fuss. We clean-up all the debris and spread topsoil and have restored garden beds so well that pleased clients may enjoy their gardens even more than before! It’s one aspect of what sets us apart from other companies out there.


      In Canberra’s climate, drains have a hard time coping with hot summers and a climate that’s dry year round. The gardens here often search for new sources of water and nutrients which they find in our drain pipes. As soon as the tree roots make their way into a drain, they can block it quite quickly thanks to fine hair-like roots that will eventually grow bigger and stronger.

      Older sewer and stormwater drainage infrastructure can be made from clay, concrete or uPVC. The drains’ age, condition, installation and maintenance, combined with the invasive tree roots, can definitely lead to a blocked drain. Therefore, maintenance is super important for every home. 

      5 Top reasons to clear your drains annually:

      1. Clearing normal build up can prevent blocked drains and emergency call outs because your drains will be operating optimally;
      2. Clearing drains stops small roots from getting bigger and more resilient;
      3. It clears debris so that they don’t become backed up in your stormwater service when it rains;
      4. It helps our plumbers identify problematic areas in the drain so that they can be monitored;
      5. Clearing your drains annually gives you an idea on how your drainage is ageing. This way, you can be forewarned if you will be needing a new sewer or stormwater service in the foreseeable future.

      Canberra plumbers and blocked drains services aren’t created equal. Many seemingly reliable companies claim that they can adequately clear blocked drains for less than $99. Rather opt for quality blocked drain service that is done right the first time.