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Careful consideration about kitchen plumbing is essential for any property, whether it’s a new build, an outdoor kitchen, or a refresh to a dated space. Our talented plumbers can work to install all your appliances, connect pipes, ensure adequate water drainage, unblock drains, install cold hot water taps, and so much more. Whether it’s an emergency or a well-planned renovation, we have solutions for all your projects, big or small.

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Installing Better Kitchen Plumbing for Your Home

We help bring kitchens to life, the heart and soul of most homes, by using quality products and expert craftsmanship, delivering a dependable flow of fresh and wastewater. When we install new tapware or appliances to your kitchen plumbing, we provide water supply lines, ensure there’s the correct flow in the kitchen sink, and, on completion, we check our work to make sure everything is working effectively as a safety measure for you and your family.

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Licensed Professionals in Kitchen Plumbing

You can expect the expertise of a dependable, insured and qualified crew of plumbers when you use Canberra Plumbing and Drains services. Our technicians will help bring your vision to life using a range of techniques, copper pipe, kitchen sink, dishwasher and more to ensure you have lasting and functional plumbing. We work to correctly install appliances at the regulated set outs while also handling water flow pressures until it’s right for you.

Is Your Tap Constantly Dripping, or is Water Leaking Under the Kitchen Sink?

Are you experiencing a kitchen plumbing emergency at your Canberra home?
Give us a call at (02) 6288 9929, and we will send someone right out to you!

When you have lost the hot water supply to your kitchen or your drain is clogged, calling our emergency plumbing service is the right step forward. We will repair or replace your pipes, taps or other plumbing necessities to ensure faucets are functioning and no more leakage is causing damage to your home.

A plumber will arrive at your house at their appointed time and openly communicate with you about the issue you’re facing and how we can rectify it as least invasively as possible. Our business believes in leaving the space tidy after we leave, so you can expect a clean kitchen once we’re finished.  

We are responsive, so you’re not left waiting with stress about repair or replacement.


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Our Kitchen Plumbing Services

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor kitchen for food preparation, cooking and cleaning, we are on hand to supply you with kitchen plumbing services ranging from copper pipe installation to moving plumbing services when a client is renovating. We have a selection of tools and techniques that ensure we can focus on a range of projects, including the following:

1. Blocked sink drain

One of the most common home plumbing issues is a blocked drain in your kitchen sink. Most people experience blocked drains because food has been washed down the pipes or oils have been rinsed in the sink. We not only work to unclog the pipe but also educate our customers about what should and shouldn’t be disposed of in this manner. 

2. Leaking or burst pipes

You know you have a real emergency when water covers your kitchen floors and bench space. There are also more subtle signs, such as a dripping tap, your water bill skyrocketing, or in some cases, you have no water at all. No matter how you discover a leak or burst pipe, we recommend you do not delay obtaining assistance.

3. Tap repairs

If your tap no longer functions as it should, is broken, continually drips, or shows signs of wear and tear because it’s aging, we can fix the tap in one, quick visit. Generally, this is a minor fix; in most cases, we replace it with an alternative tap.

4. Dishwasher installation

Upgrading your dishwasher or having one installed for the first time? Our crew can install your appliance and ensure that all the connections are safely attached. In many cases, it’s one of the most straightforward processes in renovating and is up and running quickly.

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Functionality & Design

It’s easy to be blinded by design when undertaking a kitchen renovation or a new build. Between designers and research, you’ve created a wishlist for an essential room in your home. While many kitchen designers want to run with your vision, the expert advice you receive from a qualified plumbing expert can save you from making poor functionality choices.

Regardless of how much you like to cook or entertain, your kitchen project isn’t just about making it look pretty; it needs to be functional. Having a space that works means when it’s time to cook and set the dishwasher, seeking the assistance of our Canberra Plumbing and Drains crew can guide you through designing a kitchen space that works.

What do plumbers do in a kitchen renovation project?

Our team’s leading role in kitchen plumbing is to check the existing layout of drainage and water pipes and offer alternative suggestions around efficiency and functionality. This means either leaving the pipe layout as it is or relocating them. Kitchen plumbing during renovation also involves installing kitchen sinks, taps, water filters, fridge plumbing and much more.

Where are the water pipes in the kitchen?

Most pipes in the kitchen are in the cupboards under the sink. These include the supply tubes and waste pipes, which have a noticeable bend to prevent sewage from entering your water.

Can we perform our own kitchen plumbing in Australia?

If you want to ensure the job is completed properly and to a high and lasting standard, we recommend you seek the services of a professional and licensed plumber. Plumbing laws in Australia allow some DIY options, such as cleaning ground-level grates or replacing a washer on your taps. 

    Should I consult with a plumber before embarking on a kitchen renovation?

    Yes, by consulting with a plumbing service, you can design your space for functionality and will know whether you require all new pipes and drains or can use some of the existing pieces. Plumbers are a valuable resource and can consult with your other trades for a seamless integration of services.

      How much do kitchen plumbing services cost?

      At Canberra Plumbing and Drains, we offer competitive and affordable prices for all our plumbing work. We deliver the same high level of quality and safety regardless of the job we are to manage, but the task’s difficulty level determines the final price. 

      After an inspection, we create a fixed price quote and share it with our clients, so they understand what costs are involved and decide whether they want us to undertake the task. If you want to know more, contact our crew today.

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