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Are you looking for a plumber in Woden Valley?

Canberra Plumbing & Drains operates throughout the greater Woden Valley area. Our friendly plumbing team has decades of experience offering residents and businesses quality workmanship and fantastic service. Plus, we have a sister company that can handle all your heating and hot water system needs.

As such, you can consider us as a fix-all solution for your Woden Valley plumbing woes.

Each of our Woden Valley plumbers is a qualified and accredited technician. We work hard to deliver results that our customers love, and we want you to join our delighted clientele. From the smallest problems with your drainage to installations that require perfect results, every job is within our reach and worthy of our attention.

What We Offer With Our Same-Day Service

Are you searching for fast, affordable, efficient Woden Valley plumbing services? Canberra Plumbing & Drains offers a broad spectrum of services to suit all your needs.

From small, everyday repairs to large, yet oddly cheap installation of a critical replacement unit, you can trust our dedicated team of plumbers in Woden to get the job done efficiently and professionally. Let us guide you through just some of the services we offer: 

Drain Cleaning

Over time, drains can get clogged with unwanted materials. Our professional Woden plumbers specialise in drain cleaning, ensuring water flows smoothly into your property. 

Sewer Repairs

Sewer issues can spring up unannounced and cause serious trouble for your home or business. Using advanced tools, we provide top-notch and reliable sewer repairs to keep your property’s system functioning at optimal condition. 

Installing and Repairing Taps, Sinks and Toilets

From a burst pipe to a faulty sink or a non-functioning toilet, we can handle it all. Our plumbers Woden team installs and repairs all kinds of taps, sinks, and toilets—all without a single drop on your tile floor! 

Water Leak Detection

From behind the laundry wall to a leaking evaporative cooling, water leaks can cause significant damage if left unaddressed. Our expert team offers comprehensive leak detection services to prevent further damage and costlier repairs. 

Tending to Tanks, Pumps, and Gutters

Maintaining tanks, pumps, and gutters is crucial for your property’s smooth functioning. We can service and repair these critical aspects of your plumbing system to help prolong their service life. 

Altering Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Want to renovate or repair your bathroom or kitchen? We can help! Our Woden Valley plumbing services include altering your spaces to suit your lifestyle, complete with new installations and repairs. With the help of our plumbers in Woden, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is in capable hands.


At Canberra Plumbing & Drains, our selection of Woden Valley plumbers goes beyond mere qualifications and the knowledge relating to all your plumbing needs; we also ensure they meet essential criteria, including:

  • Clear communication, avoiding technical terms that could cause confusion or concern.
  • Providing a friendly service to our clients is paramount; they won’t pressure you into making hasty decisions.
  • Being both approachable and timely, ensuring your comfort when our technicians are in your home.
  • Meticulousness about tidiness, ensuring they leave your space clean to minimise any stress associated with plumbing work.

From the first phone call to make us your chosen Woden Valley plumber, you can rest assured we’ll send out the right person for the job.


If you need Woden Valley heating services, we can help out there, too. Working alongside our sister company, Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting, we can address problems with your heater.

As you probably know, winters in Woden Valley quickly become cold. As such, we can reach you promptly to restore your property to a state of comfort once more.

If you prefer, we can install evaporative cooling to reduce your cooling bills during the summer when things start to heat up. To learn more about our Woden Valley heating and cooling services, give our office a call today.

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How does Woden Valley Plumbing Services ensure the quality of their work?

Quality assurance is at the heart of everything we do at Woden Valley Plumbing Services. Our dedicated plumbers adhere to strict industry standards and are committed to delivering high-quality services to property owners in Woden.

But what sets us apart?

  • Expertise & Authority: We are renowned as one of the leading plumbers in Woden, both for our robust understanding of the plumbing field and for the top-tier service we render. Our team comprises seasoned industry veterans, each with the necessary qualifications and personal dedication to excel in this industry.
  • Continuous Training: We heavily invest in regular professional training to ensure our team stays updated with the latest technologies and practices. This ensures all our plumbers are always at the cutting edge of the industry and capable of tackling any problem they encounter, no matter how challenging.
  • Advanced Tools & Technology: We utilise the most recent developments in plumbing technology to detect and fix issues. This modern equipment enables us to perform our tasks with outstanding efficiency and precision.
  • Transparency & Honesty: We adhere to the absolute principle of transparency in all our services. From delivering a fixed price to the project progress report, all aspects of our operation are openly shared with the client. This helps build trust and foster a pleasant experience dealing with our team.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness matters to us. As such, we place client satisfaction at the forefront of our values. We don’t just aim to resolve your plumbing problems; we strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction. If a client ever feels dissatisfied, we take their concerns seriously and work to rectify the issue immediately.

In the end, our assurance of quality comes from our relentless commitment to being the best plumbers Woden has to offer. We’re confident in our abilities, and we’re excited to show you why.

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What is the process for hiring a plumber from Woden Valley Plumbing Services?

We make hiring a plumber from Woden Valley Plumbing Services as hassle-free as possible.

Simply make an initial call or email us to explain your plumbing issues. We’ll then schedule an appointment for our plumbers to inspect the situation as soon as possible.

After a thorough assessment of the problem, we offer a suggested course of action and then a quote.

After your approval, our expert plumbers swing into action, addressing the problem meticulously and professionally. We keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring you’re never in the dark about the work being done at your property.

How quickly can Woden Valley Plumbing Services respond to a plumbing emergency?

When disaster strikes, you need a solution – fast.

At Canberra Plumbing & Drains, we understand the urgency of plumbing emergencies. That’s why our team of dedicated plumbers in Woden prioritises your emergencies, often attending to your needs within the hour. We’re proud of our swift and efficient response times.

Please note that exact times may vary depending on demand and the nature of your plumbing issue. For Woden Valley plumbing emergencies, trust Canberra Plumbing & Drains to provide prompt and excellent service.