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“An amazing company to deal with – highly professional and wonderful customer service! They arrived on time if not slightly early every time and kept in contact about how repairs were going and when plumbers were expected on site. We contacted CP&D about 5 years ago with a major plumbing problem and they provided amazing service throughout the process to fix it and then wrote a very very comprehensive report for our insurance claim so we were able to claim as much as possible. Recently we had a minor problem and called them again, they had all our details on file and this helped with the quick fixing of this problem.
Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”
Tracey, Wanniassa

Undertaking Gutter Repairs on Tiled and Metal Roofs

Protecting your house from water damage relies on properly functioning, high-quality gutters. If left untreated, you may end up spending more on other areas of your property, including roof repairs or electrical issues from leaks. To avoid more problems, it’s best to call us, your reliable and trusted plumbing team in Canberra, as soon as you notice something is wrong.

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Maintenance and Replacement Services

You will know it is time for gutter repair or preservation services for your tiled and metal roofs when you see any of the following:

  • Your gutter sagging along the roof
  • Overflowing rainwater from the gutter
  • Water stains on your ceilings
  • Leaking in gutter corners or from holes
  • Metal fascia rust.
    Plumber on the roof fixing plumbing

    Choose Roof Repairs with Canberra Plumbing

    For the best gutter replacement Canberra residents can rely on, our locally-owned service and our sister company, Woden Valley Plumbing, know the importance of quality work. When you choose us for tanks, pumps or gutter guard roof repair, you can expect a strongly focused crew who seamlessly delivers reliable services at affordable rates. We fix the damage to protect your property from leaks, which can cause more significant plumbing problems if left without the necessary attention.

    Do Your Leaky Gutters Need Fixing?

    For gutter maintenance and replacement services in Canberra 

    Give us a call at (02) 6288 9929, and we will send a plumber to repair your gutters asap!

    We welcome your call when you need gutter repair or replacement for your Canberra roof, which we provide at competitive prices. As a locally owned and operated business, we quickly respond and get your gutters in working order so your drains can function accurately.

    At the first point of contact, we will set an appointment and send a plumber who understands your roofing needs.


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    What Makes OUR Gutter Replacement GREAT IN Canberra?

    Over time, all Canberra roof gutters will need the assistance of experts like us at Canberra Plumbing and Drains. We take every aspect of our service seriously and aim to deliver nothing but the best to our clients. What separates us from other plumbing services is:

    Fully Licensed Professionals

    Whether we replace your gutter guard or perform minor roof restoration, each crew member must be a fully licensed professional because of the high risk of each task. Licenses, such as a white card, are prerequisites when undertaking any roofing plumbing and are essential for our roofing and guttering team to hold before starting any job. 

    Reputable Parts & Products

    When undertaking any repairs or replacement services, we only use reputable parts and premium products so you can get a long life out of your guttering. When we install our quality fittings to the roof, we know that the gutters are less likely to fail and offer gutter protection for longer.

    Open Communication

    We know that all excellent services are made better with transparent communication. Our team offers expert advice and ensures our clients know what work we need to perform to finish roof repairs. We are reachable 7.30am-5pm Monday-Friday for any emergency concerns.

    Ongoing Maintenance for Gutter Repairs

    Our team can change your gutters in Canberra and keep them in good shape so that you don’t have to replace them again soon. You can ensure you don’t have to make too many extensive repairs by getting a professional to check your plumbing and gutters once a year. This is because you will find problems before they get too bad.

    Licensed Professionals Waiting to Help!

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    What’s Involved in Gutter Replacement & Repairs Canberra

    When you call our locally owned and operated plumbing service, we will follow a set of steps to ensure we fix your problem; these steps include:

    1. Initial Assessment

    When we get to your home or business, we look at your gutters and downpipes, give you an assessment and quote, and tell you precisely what is needed to complete the right roofing and gutter repairs.

    2. Removing Existing Gutters & Downpipes

    Once you agree to the price, we will remove your old gutters and downpipes using our skilled team and their experienced and safe hands. We apply the same principles to rainwater heads and box gutters.

    3. Affix New Fascia or Fascia Covers

    Depending on your guttering type, we may need to remove and change your fascia completely. We don’t take this step for box gutters.

    4. Install New Gutters

    Our gutter replacement services include clips and straps to connect to the downpipes and guards. We also mount them to the fascia.

    5. Downpipes are Installed & Connected

    Your guttering repairs and roof restoration are almost complete. The last part of the installation is to ensure ongoing drainage functionality. We test them to ensure no more leaks and no further repairs are needed.

    Together with our sister company, Woden Valley Plumbing, we are your guttering experts. We use quality materials on your roof to ensure it drains well and safely. When you contact us today and request an assessment and quote, we will act quickly to professionally complete the job. Ask us how.

    How much does gutter replacement cost?

    When you contact Canberra Plumbing and Drains, we will give you an individualised quote based on what type of roof repairs your guttering requires. Prices will vary based on whether you need to replace your gutters or fix the fascia and downpipes.

    Is it better to replace or repair the gutters?

    If your gutters are sagging, leaking, and pulling away from your roof, replacing them is likely better for a long term solution than trying to fix them. When we fix or replace your gutters, we use high-quality parts to ensure they remain efficient for as long as possible.

    Can a single part of a gutter be replaced?

    If your gutter has only small broken parts, you can just replace those parts. However, if the areas have already rusted, water flow is impeded, or there are cracks and holes, the better choice is for complete gutter repair on your roof or replacement.

      Are plastic or metal gutters better?

      When undertaking roof repairs for your guttering, metal gutters are less likely to experience as much damage as plastic. When metal handles have exposure to UV rays, they don’t become as brittle as plastic. Plastic is also prone to leakages, and metal is stronger and more reliable, making it a preferred choice for Canberra homes.

        Are roof repairs required when undertaking guttering repair or replacement services?

        While people often replace their roof and gutter guards simultaneously, it’s not necessary and can easily become costly if it’s not required. If your roofing is old and leaking and needs replacing, it makes sense to complete the job at the same time, so there is less interruption to your home.

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