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“An amazing company to deal with – highly professional and wonderful customer service! They arrived on time if not slightly early every time and kept in contact about how repairs were going and when plumbers were expected on site. We contacted CP&D about 5 years ago with a major plumbing problem and they provided amazing service throughout the process to fix it and then wrote a very very comprehensive report for our insurance claim so we were able to claim as much as possible. Recently we had a minor problem and called them again, they had all our details on file and this helped with the quick fixing of this problem.
Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”
Tracey, Wanniassa

Need a Plumber for Gutter Cleaning in Canberra?

Canberra Plumbing and Drains are the ultimate cleaners when you need an expert team to keep your gutters in optimal working condition. Whether for a one-storey or multi-storey house, we deliver no-mess gutter cleaning Canberra homeowners can rely on. We are dedicated to offering a very high standard and believe our customers deserve to have gutters that flow easily and drain effectively.

Plumber on the roof fixing plumbing

Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Make blocked gutters a thing of the past when you choose professional plumbers to clear your gutters. We walk you through the process and advise on how to keep them clear. Our Canberra crew has decades of experience in various plumbing services and will clean out dirt, leaves, twigs, and other debris to ensure your gutters are safe all year long.

    Plumber on the roof fixing plumbing

    Maintain Optimal Performance by Regularly Cleaning Your Guttering

    Like any part of your home, your gutters will only function properly with the right type of care, which in this case is freeing them from debris. Investing in professional gutter cleaning enables them to work more seamlessly by redirecting water away from your home and the foundations it’s built upon.

    Are Your Gutters Overflowing & in Need of Attention?

    Protect your gutters during fire season and drain them effectively with our gutter cleaning services in Canberra or surrounds. Contact us at (02) 6288 9929 for the personalised care your home deserves.

    Are your gutters overflowing and causing your downpipes and stormwater drains to work ineffectively? Is your home at risk of catching fire because of the build-up of fire starter materials? Our specialists in Canberra act as fast as possible to make an appointment and manage your concern.

    On arrival, our plumbers inspect and clean gutters while informing you about the process and how much it will cost. The job will be completed efficiently and thoroughly to protect your home and property from any damage.


    Get a quote today

    Ongoing Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

    1. Preventing animals from nesting

    Roof gutters are an attractive spot for birds and other animals to make nests, especially when twigs and leaves are left to gather. Upkeeping your gutters like you do a gardening routine makes you less likely to attract pests that can create havoc on your property.

    2. Improving the lifespan

    Looking after your gutters by keeping them cleaner keeps them looking great and ensures they are in good working order for longer. Not clearing them from dirt and other objects can cause rust to build up and moss to grow. 

    3. Prevents water damage

    By ensuring a thorough gutter cleaning job takes place a couple of times a year, you’re ensuring your roof cavity is protected and your downpipes and stormwater pipes function as they should. You’re protecting not only your outside property but also the integrity of internal structures.

    4. Protects your property

    The ACT is known for being hot and dry, particularly during the early autumn and summer months. The searing temperatures and gutters littered with dry bark, leaves, and other materials across Canberra act as kindling and threaten your house.  Aside from installing gutter guards, cleaning and freeing them from debris means less chance of overflowing stormwater and a fire starting.

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    Processes Used by Canberra Gutter Cleaners

    As ultimate cleaners and plumbers in Canberra, we are fully insured and equipped to inspect and ensure easy-flow gutters, using the right equipment and safety gear for the accurate removal of debris. Our process means you minimise the risk of damage to your house and garden, with the steps we take including:

    • Using safety equipment and resources, we remove foreign materials from the gutters.
    • Vacuum the gutters and downpipes.
    • All debris goes to green waste.
    • Check stormwater pipes and unblock them as needed.
    • Rinse off and ensure the water is flowing.


    Should my gutters be cleaned before bushfire season?

    Yes. The best form of prevention is having your gutters cleaned before fire season rather than waiting until your property is at the most risk. It only takes a tiny spark to cause a large house or yard fire. 

    Get your gutters cleared any time of the year without needing our emergency plumbing services.

    Is it essential to use a professional gutter cleaner?

    Never risk conducting a gutter cleaning job yourself. While you think you might be saving money, without the right tools and equipment (such as a sturdy ladder and gutter cleaning utensils), you’re unlikely to complete it to the required level to protect your drainage system.

    Aside from completing the job efficiently, safety is also a real concern because you could hurt yourself if you slipped on roof tiles and weren’t properly strapped into a harness.

    The best gutter cleaners are those with the right qualifications and gear so that if they should fall, they will be protected.

    Do clean gutters improve stormwater flow and drainage?

    After you clean your gutters, you should be able to see that water flows smoothly through your system. You are also restoring them back to their original purpose, which is to drain rainwater. 

    If they are cleaned and still don’t drain well, you may need to clean them again or undergo gutter replacement, depending on what an inspection uncovers. At Canberra Plumbing and Drains, we are always honest and communicate well about plumbing issues. We will also ensure you get the right solutions for your gutter problems.

      Does your crew clean up after clearing the waste?

      We pride ourselves on taking a “no mess, no fuss” mentality, which means we leave your property clean once we’ve finished tending to your needs. Each of our crew knows that it’s part of their professional responsibility to clean up after themselves, with as little interruption to your day as possible. 

      Cleaning up after gutter cleaning could include accurately disposing of debris to washing down any dirt left on paving. What this entails will vary depending on the task.

        Why do my roof gutters get clogged so easily?

        One of the primary reasons your gutters get clogged with dirt, twigs, and leaves is the trees growing close to your house, especially during autumn when they naturally drop their leaves. Keeping them pruned away from your home can help alleviate the issue.

        You may also notice that animal droppings and bird nests are a cause too. The best way to keep on top of these issues is to regularly hire a gutter cleaner, like us, to keep them free and clear of these objects.

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