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“Needed a new toilet fitted. Two lovely young men turned up on time, were very polite and professional. Gave me good advice and even took their shoes off before coming in the house as it was raining when they arrived. Have used before and will continue to use and recommend.”
Judy, Waramanga

Toilet Installation

Although you may be tempted to tackle a leaky toilet, tap, or sink on your own to try and save a little money, this could end up costing you more in the long run. The reasoning behind this is that you may repair the surface problem, but if there is an underlying issue, you may miss it until you have a plumbing emergency on your hands.

Plumbing installing a toilet

Toilet Repair

We understand that a leaky tap or a running toilet can be a very frustrating and annoying problem, and we’re ready to help you fix it. We do a wide range of toilet installations, toilet repairs, and tap repairs in a professional and efficient manner. Our certified technicians will come to your home and identify exactly what the problem is through means of thorough testing, and we’ll resolve your issue with quality workmanship.

Plumber repairing a toilet

Tap Repair and Sink Repair

If you feel like you’re over your head, give us a call. Whether you want to fix a problem tap or toilet, or do an entirely new installation, we’re here for you with a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our finished product. We’ve built a solid partnership with dozens of reputable suppliers across the region, allowing us to give you the replacement toilet or tap you need at a price that won’t break your budget.

We’re ready and willing to help you tackle your next tap repair, toilet repair, or toilet installation, no matter when you need it done. Give us a call, and our friendly and professional staff will be more than happy to set up a consultation. We’ll give you an estimate, or set up an appointment to come repair your current toilet, taps, or sinks. We can also install an entirely new system. You choose a time that is convenient for you, and we’ll work with you to resolve any problems you may be having with your system.

Plumber repairing a leaking kitchen sink

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Tree roots causing a cracked pipe

Emergency Plumbing Canberra

No one wins if your DIY attempt goes belly up. At Canberra Plumbing and Drains, our team of qualified technicians is here to help if you feel like you’re in over your head trying to fix your leaky toilet, tap or sink. It will save you money and further damage down the track.

Tree roots causing a cracked pipe

Canberra Blocked Drains

Before your drain becomes completely backed up, and the situation spirals into a dreaded plumbing emergency, we encourage you to seek our help. At Canberra Plumbing and Drains, we’re well-equipped to detect any issues, clear and repair your drains.

Tree roots causing a cracked pipe

Hot Water Systems Throughout Canberra

Is your hot water system leaving you out in the cold? If you’re having residential plumbing or hot water problems, we have a plumber from Canberra Plumbing and Drains who can help. We can assist with systems that are gas or electric, whether they need repairs or replacement.



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