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“The Canberra Plumbing & Drains team were fantastic to deal with. They were engaging and responsive from the initial call. My hot water unit was on its last legs and with a family of five I was keen to have it replaced. I had a technician visit the same day to inspect the unit and reassure me it wouldn’t burst!!! I then had a replacement unit installed the following day. The team were professional, they explained the options that were available and that would suit my family needs and they installed the unit without fuss. Best customer service I have received during my first 12 months in Canberra – highly recommend them.”
Sean, Garran

Common Hot Water System Repairs

At Canberra Plumbing & Drains, we offer hot water repairs that Canberra residents can rely on, so there’s no need to panic if you’re experiencing problems with your old hot water system. Our plumbers offer an excellent service to our clients at reasonable prices. Rather than installing a replacement hot water system, our team undertakes hot water system repairs and always delivers friendly and efficient service. Common issues experienced with hot water services include:

  • No hot water
  • Leaks
  • Water temperature fluctuations
  • Unusual noises
  • Discoloured water
  • Low water pressure

Emergency Hot Water Repair

Our team consistently delivers fast service after your initial call for emergency plumbing for your Canberra home or business. We know plumbing problems can pop up at any time of the day or night and don’t always allow for future plumbing repair preparation. For this reason, our team is ready to go, should you have a hot water breakdown and need assistance as soon as possible. 

We have over 25 years of experience repairing hot water repairs and delivers a high-quality finish every time, especially when called out for an emergency. Our plumbers have excellent workmanship and offer honest advice, regardless of whether our client’s hot water tank is leaking or you’ve been experiencing water temperature instability.

Repairing Major Brands of Hot Water Systems

Do you need hot water heater repairs for your gas, heat pump, electric, or solar hot water systems to run more efficiently? We expertly service and repair just about every brand of hot water heating system so it continues to run efficiently and to your complete satisfaction. Some of these include:


Need Hot Water Repairs in Canberra? We’re Here To Help!

At Canberra Plumbing & Drains, we are your go-to service for hot water system repairs for your heat pump, gas, solar, or electric hot water system. When you need to engage the services of hot water plumbers in Canberra or the surrounding suburbs, we can send one of our technician’s to deliver prompt service.

If you have less urgent issues, you can still give us a call or make a quick enquiry online, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We will confirm the type of plumbing service to be supplied to you and organise an agreed time. We determine the issue based on our inspection, discuss a fair price, and do an efficient job of fixing it quickly.

We welcome your call at (02) 6288 9929 to repair hot water systems.


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Don’t Let a Burst Pipe Ruin Your Day: Get Hot Water Heater Repair Solutions

It’s not unusual for our plumbers to look at a leaky or burst pipe, and it’s a common hot water repair task we undertake. Although a burst or leaky pipe may seem catastrophic – and yes, it can be if left unattended – our Canberra hot water service professionals can fix the problem if detected early.

Electric, Heat Pump, Gas & Solar Hot Water System Repair

Regardless of what type of hot water unit your home or business uses, its functionality is the same. These systems provide you with:

  • A hot shower
  • Wash clothes on the hot cycle
  • Heat pumps that run efficiently
  • Instant hot water 
  • Much more.

Every homeowner wants their hot water systems to flow well and without issue in modern-day Australia. When there is an issue with hot water systems, it’s noticeable quickly because the water is cold, there’s no water at all, it’s discoloured and more. Rather than needing emergency plumbing for your Canberra hot water service for local businesses and homes, it’s beneficial to undergo servicing once every two years.

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Quick & Affordable Repair of Your Hot Water Heater & Water Tank

    Don’t suffer from the lack of hot water in our service areas any longer. We’re a company that believes before undertaking a hot water system replacement, repair services can be just as effective and provide you with outstanding service. 

    Our friendly team does a fantastic job of being upfront with transparent pricing and managing all your repair issues. Whether you’re using the cheapest hot water system or one of the major hot water brands, our plumbers will deliver excellent customer service, along with:

    • Inspecting the hot water system
    • Diagnose and discuss the concern with the homeowner
    • Repair or order relevant parts if need be
    • Deliver a friendly service with competitive pricing.
    Plumbing van in Canberra area

    If it’s your first call with our hot water specialists or you’ve used our plumbing services before, we are ready to take your call for a quote or to book an appointment for hot water services. We competently install hot water systems, provide gas fitting services, and do a superb job of hot water repairs in Canberra.

    We’re aware that a water heater won’t last forever and will occasionally experience issues. Canberra Plumbing & Drains is available anytime to fix these concerns, and we encourage you to contact us should you suspect a problem with your hot water.


    In many circumstances, hot water systems only require repair and don’t need a full replacement. Our knowledgeable plumbers have the experience to assess your hot water system and determine what type of care it needs. These systems are designed to be long-lasting and, with the right type of care and maintenance, should last a long time. For this reason, repairs are often the right choice. 



    There are many reasons why your hot water isn’t working, especially if you’ve recently noticed any leaks, discolouration of water, or strange noises coming from your hot water system. We recommend calling our office team so we can arrange same-day service. You will connect straight to one of our friendly customer service representatives, who will provide you with personalised service and get someone out to your home or business as soon as possible.


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