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“The plumber was amazing fixing my tap and water leak at my property. I would highly recommend this company for any plumbing, drainage and gasfitting work. Thank you Canberra plumbing team.”
Fang, Belconnen

Water Leaks

People who like to fix small problems on their own are usually more than capable of handling the smaller home maintenance jobs. However, if a problem escalates to water leaks along the pipe or a burst water pipe, professional help is usually required, and quickly to negate the damage.

Fixing a leaking tap

Leak Detection Services

Our goal at Canberra Plumbing & Drains is to be our customers’ one-stop for all of their leak detection services and repair needs. We have the experience, training, and the equipment that is necessary to identify the source of the leak and fix it quickly and efficiently before it escalates.

Should your minor water leak escalate into a burst pipe, the damage to your home can be monumental. Your walls, flooring, insulation, furniture, and belongings can quickly become unsalvageable, and your repair bills can easily break your budget. Don’t let it go that far, call us for all of your Canberra leak detection needs.

Leak Detection Canberra

We train each of our technicians to be able to identify leaks without any equipment, but sometimes it is necessary to bring in additional equipment to help pinpoint your water leak. We frequently use water pressure gauges, pressure test pumps, pipe locators, signal transmitters, micro and infrared cameras, and acoustical leak detectors. All of these pieces of equipment allow our technicians to isolate the problem and solve it quickly.

For any leak detections in Canberra, give us a call. Our staff are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, we’re happy to set up an appointment to come out and find the source of your water leaks and repair them in a professional and timely manner.


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Busted water pipe

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