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“This is the second time we have used Canberra Plumbing & Drains – the first time -after some under house flooding where we required some extensive altering to our storm water system they did a tremendous job getting us out of trouble. This latest job was a simple job fitting some new taps. These guys are great – they do professional work, on time and with a pleasant attitude. I have no hesitation in recommending this plumbing team – well done guys.”
Neale, Red Hill

Preventing Blockages with Sewer Drain Cleaning

Don’t let clogged sewer lines ruin your day; have your stormwater drains and sewer lines cleaned by a certified plumber. Sewer drain cleaning is ideal to ensure your pipes are clear of debris, tree roots, and blockages. As a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience, we’ve come up against every problem related to a blocked drain. To avoid the blockage and repair costs, our plumbers specialise in clearing your drain line before a further problem can develop.

Using Specialised Tools & Equipment for Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners are partial to a DIY method, which can often fix minor problems and clean sewer lines. Specialised tools and equipment will, however, cut better through grease, tree roots, debris and other blockage causes than at-home methods. Our team uses various options to clear your drains, from high-pressure water jet systems to chemical drain cleaners. Before we determine what care your drain line requires, we conduct an initial camera inspection.

Emergency Sewer Line Cleaning

To save on the cost of needing urgent assistance from our plumbers to clear your clogged drains, look for signs your healthy drains aren’t quite right. Check tree roots are not encroaching on your sewer drains, and look at your drain grate after heavy rain for debris. This will help with managing build-up and main sewer line blockages. Should you need emergency plumbing assistance from our team, we will make your problems disappear using modern technology and specialised tools.

Has the Flow of your drains stopped or Slowed Down?

If you smell something suspicious or have a clog, we will quickly send someone out to your home or business! Call us on (02) 6288 9929.

If your drains cannot wait a little longer for a clean, give our team a call or make a quick enquiry online, and we will respond to you within the hour. Once in contact, we can confirm the necessary service required for your drains and unblock them as soon as possible. 

On arrival, our plumber will take you through the process, discuss the cost, and get the issues restored quickly. Your main sewer lines will be clear and working wonders in no time.


Get a quote today

Canberra Plumbing: Keeping Pipes Clear With Sewer Drain Cleaning

How long has it been since you last sought a professional for drain cleaning? Are you experiencing problems with your plumbing and have signs of blocked drains? If this is the case, now is the time to seek help from a qualified plumber who understands how pipes work and can easily unblock your clogs. 

We service our customers five days a week across all areas of Canberra and take pride in keeping your sewer system in good working order. Preventative cleaning is the best choice for your sewer line and surrounding ground because it can help you avoid a blocked drain situation and create awareness of where roots grow and if they are likely to be a problem for your pipes.

If you require our services to help keep your drain pipe spick and span, you can expect our technicians to arrive quickly, perform to the highest standard, and meet all your needs. Contact our team by calling (02) 62 889 929 or requesting a quote.

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When you choose Canberra Plumbing to repair your sewer, you can expect that any issues with your drain and blockages in your system will be inspected thoroughly by our crew. Sometimes our plumbers will need to replace your plumbing system, but in most cases, a simple repair job is all that is required to ensure your property doesn’t incur any further damage.

You can expect that our crew will:

  • Arrive quickly
  • Have the right tools and equipment
  • Will perform a thorough inspection
  • Ensure all your needs are met.

If you require our services for your drainage system, we welcome you to contact our team by calling (02) 62 889 929 or by requesting a quote.


From blocked drains to invasive tree roots and regular wear and tear, there are a host of reasons why sewer repair and maintenance is required. It can be unpleasant when there is an overflow, a blockage, or even worse, flooding from the sewer main. Along with a difficult cleanup, finding the cause of the issue isn’t always straightforward.

With our plumber’s experience, they know how to identify the leading cause of sewer line damage. It’s not unusual for Canberra Plumbing to be called out because sewer lines being damaged or developing blockages by the following:

Tree Roots

Perhaps the most common cause of cracking and breakage in your sewer line is tree roots. The roots wrap around the pipes, causing them to clog, weaken, and break. Clay pipes are the most susceptible to this type of damage.

Blocked Drain

Foreign objects, debris, wet wipes, oil, and children’s toys can all cause a blocked drain and can also be the cause of cracking or breakage of your sewer pipe. Oil should never be poured down a sink, and toilets should only have toilet paper and waste flushed down them.


Whether your overflow relief gully is blocked, you have flooding on your property, or perhaps you’ve found broken sewage piping, never ignore the signs that you have blocked drains or they need repairing. 

Some of the sure signs there is a drain issue and you need repairs include:

A Smelly Yard & Flooding

If a stinky odour is present or your yard is flooded, you’re looking at a job requiring a plumber. While your sewer line isn’t usually at the surface of your yard, the visibility of water on the surface of the grass is a telltale sign of an issue.

Drainage Issues

You will now go from gurgling noises to clogged toilets whether you have a blocked drain or not. Some blockages are localised to your toilet or shower; others may have an issue with the sewer main.

Water Damage Inside Your Home

Another warning sign not to ignore is any leaks within your house or broken drain pipes. The obvious signs of this damage to your property and the certainty that you need plumbers to tend to your needs are mould and mildew.

Follow These Solutions to Keep Your Sewer Line Clear<br />

While our crew of plumbers have the right tools and equipment to repair any blockages or damage to your property’s drain pipes, the most cost-effective way a property owner can manage such issues is to prevent them where possible. 

We recommend:

  • Organising a sewer line inspection and drain cleaning once a year by a responsible and certified plumber
  • Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper, water and bodily waste down the toilet.
    What Happens When Drains Aren’t Cleaned?

    While an annual clean is preferable to waiting for a problem to occur, most clients aren’t aware that their sewer line and drains must be cleaned regularly by a professional. As such, home and business owners choose not to seek chemical drain cleaning or a specialised device to clear their drains until they’re experiencing overflow. A blockage usually causes this after someone flushes foreign objects down the toilet, pours oil down the drain or other debris making its way through the system.

        Warning Signs of Blocked Drains

        We know that without regular cleaning, you’re likely to experience blocked drains and require sewer repair. A good indication you’re experiencing issues would be the presence of one or more of the following:

        • A consistent bad smell: often likened to a rotten egg odour, the water in your pipes has become stagnant, causing odours you cannot ignore.
        • Frequent clogs: If your sink or toilet clogs more often than usual when you flush or use water, you need a plumbing solution.
        • Gurgling noises: These noises are a sure sign that your pipes are struggling to drain correctly and need some help.
        • Slow drainage: Often seen in your sinks, the bathtub or shower basin, water builds up and is quite slow to drain.

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