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It might sound like we’re bragging, but the proof is in the pudding pipes.

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In fact, we promise to answer your emergency call 5 days per week AND we offer a two-hour arrival window for any emergency call outs for blocked drains. Bonus: we’ll talk you through how to stem the situation over the phone and if you really can’t wait, we’ll do whatever we can to get someone there for drain cleaning Canberra ASAP!

Plumber fixing a blocked drain


Although it’s a bit embarrassing for the industry that we have to promise this, we know you’ve dealt with some cowboy drain servicers in the past. We plan on changing your perception of plumbers. We’ll not only turn up on time, but we will also deliver great customer service with some world-class communication skills along the way. That means you’ll hear from either the professional plumber tackling your job or our team in the office as often as you need to – you’ll never be wondering what’s happening or when our drain specialists are showing up.

Using an electric eel to unblock a drain


Again, we’re sure we don’t have to tell you this, but there are plenty of Canberra blocked drains services who advertise a very sweet-looking $99 fee (or less) on their website, only to slug you with a much heftier invoice once they’re knee-deep in your blocked sewer. We’re a family-owned and run business with over two decades of experience under our belts, and we’re completely transparent with our pricing. In fact, most of the time you’ll find we’re incredible value for your dollar in the long run thanks to no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Plumber fixing a blocked drain



For any plumbing problems slightly less urgent, simply call us and we can get the ball rolling right now or use our online enquiry form and receive a response within 10 minutes. We’ll then confirm what you need, schedule a time for assessment and/or repair, and – most importantly – turn up when we say we will, no matter how big or small your job is.

Once our team members have arrived, they’ll explain exactly what the process is and what the cost will be, and then get on with the job…

so you can get on with your life!



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We are fully licenced Plumbers

We have all the equipment you could imagine to clear blocked drains in Canberra

We have unparalleled levels of care for our clients and their drains

We clear, repair and replace all blocked drains



Family-Owned. Independent. Canberra Locals.

I’m Andrew Skipper, the Owner and Master Problem Solver of Canberra Plumbing & Drains.

My wife and family and I have been running businesses in this industry for over two decades, and we’ve built a team of staff so qualified and accredited, we’d need a whole wall in the office just to hold up their certifications. Ours are the sought after plumbing services by Canberra locals when they’ve had enough of dealing with shonky operators who overpromise and underdeliver, use second-grade equipment and materials, and who don’t turn up on time (or at all)!

Because we’ve been in this game long enough to build an excellent plumbing service reputation, we do everything we can to keep those promises – and exceed them. Throughout Canberra, Jerrabomberra, and the Queanbeyan areas, we’re known as the folks you call when you need the plumbing work done right. The first time. My wife makes fun of me for being the most detail-oriented person she knows, which certainly means great things for you as a Canberra Plumbing & Drains customer.

Plus, we pride ourselves on being the best communicators around:

  • If we promise same-day service, you can count on it
  • If we think there’s a long-term solution to your problem, we’ll take the time to explain it to you
  • If you’re experiencing a serious plumbing emergency, we’ll even talk you through what to do so you can hold down the fort until we get there
  • Our Canberra plumbers are the best in the trade and the easiest tradies to get answers from to boot. They’ll keep you in the loop during every step of the process so you’re not hit with any unwelcome surprises, you’ll know how long everything should take, and you know exactly what’s going on with your job

There are no AWOL tradies here – we have a great team of fabulous office staff who do an excellent job with their fast service. They will get in touch with you over the phone, so you can schedule a time with your plumber that works around your busy schedule. We know your time is precious, so we go over and above to ensure you get the job done. Fast. On-time. And with friendly service and great communication.

We’re not just experts in drain issues, but in the Canberra community, too! We’re your neighbours, your mates, and your go-to for everything plumbing, heating appliances, air conditioning, central heating and hot water systems in Canberra. Find out more about the team here, including Lambchop, our head of Office Happiness.

No one thinks they’ll love their blocked drain repairer until that plumber over-delivers on their promises (and saves the day!)

“Brodie was super helpful as was his offsider on the day. Did a cheeky drain unblock on his way out. 😁. Thanks so much guys.”

“It was an extremely respectful, professional and well executed service…”

They showed up when they said they would (on the same day) and most importantly I didn’t have to worry about a thing as they took care of everything from start to finish…”

“…you get a professional job with prompt service, transparency in what it may cost and why, and they clean up after themselves.”

Andrew Skipper - Manager of Canberra Plumbing

 We’ll guarantee our drain cleaning, Canberra. And more… I’ll personally promise we will always strive to go above and beyond your expectations.

We take our credentials very seriously

Our reputation throughout Canberra is something we’ve worked hard to build and maintain for nearly 25 years. From a family-owned and operated business to hiring multiple, highly trained and experienced staff, Canberra Plumbing & Drains aims to surpass the standard of any other heater repairer you’ve ever welcomed into your home – which is why we’re so invested in our team’s commitment to qualifications and experience.

From making an assessment of your drain blockage and sewer plumbing to clearing out your storm water drains, our plumbing services can get your blocked drain cleared fast with our quality workmanship and prompt service. We have the right equipment and the right tools to ensure the whole process of our drain cleaning, Canberra, is professional and done right the first time.

We’re comprehensively insured, and we’ve racked up 19 years with HIA as a Silver Member.

More Customer Love for Canberra Plumbing & Drains

Don’t just take our work for it


“…I managed to book in super quickly for an emergency issue. The booking window was only 2hrs and they called half an hour before so it was super easy for someone working full time…

…Great service. Turned up on time!

…Pricing was super reasonable considering the quality work…

“…From the initial call answering to the appointment booking and plumber’s visit, everything was done with utmost professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction…

Our motto is:
‘Done once, done right’

Plumbing van with Canberra in background.


We’re sticklers for quality workmanship here at Canberra Plumbing & Drains, and, aside from our incredible Canberra plumber skills, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service.

Tap into our knowledge and benefit from qualified, reliable plumbing services in Canberra who can take on anything from a heater service to a new system installation or replacement.

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Canberra Plumbing & Drains works with only the best – so we deliver you only the best

We own all our own equipment and only invest in the right tools at top quality – so machinery breaking down on the job and no ‘substituting’ a part that’ll “do the job for now” regardless of whether you – the customer – can see it or not. Whether it’s a fancy new drain or the smallest junction that goes deep inside your drainage system, you can be assured it’s the best quality around.


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What do I do if I have a blocked drain?

One of the most important things is try not to panic! You’re in good hands here at Canberra Plumbing & Drains and we are only a call or click away. We have epic same day service due to the skills of our office team and they can help stem the issue until your blocked drain plumber arrives at your home. We have an intimate knowledge of Canberra, Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra because we are local. No national call centres here!

Common blocked drain concerns busted:
  • A blocked toilet will not overflow inside (if your sewer drains are installed to Australian regulations and/or the blockage is not in the toilet branch-line). The sewer drains will overflow at the overflow point outside the home. But let’s not test this to its limits. There is no need to repeatedly flush your toilet when blocked;
  • If you have blocked stormwater drains it will not affect your toilets, basins, sinks, showers or baths. This is because your sewer system takes care of all your inside drainage and your stormwater takes care of all of your outside drainage. If you have a blocked toilet and it rains, this will in no way affect your blocked toilet or the other way around (if installed to Australian Standards);
  • You cannot flush any type of wet wipe, paper towel or sanitary items down the toilet irrespective of the marketing on the package;
  • A landscaper does not know how to design and install drainage like a drain plumber will. If you need your stormwater service to effectively drain surface water from your yard, please consult our tradespeople who are qualified in drainage. Drains are not quite as simple as “water runs downhill’.

Licensed professionals waiting to help, make an enquiry now

What we include when we clear a blocked drain for you:

  • You will have a 2 hour time of arrival you can expect we will arrive within
  • You choose what day and time suits you. We don’t group servicing in one area on one day
  • We ensure we have the relevant information available about your drains and the mains on your block to ensure efficiency and accuracy clearing your drains
  • We clear from the nearest point to the blockage all the way to the mains with our equipment
  • We clear the drains to the greatest capacity possible given the type of blockage, condition of the drains and the equipment used
  • We ensure the drains are running clear and no further blockages exist
  • We write a report for you to keep for your records so you know what has been done and give you any recommendations to note.

If you need your gas heater serviced, we are here to help. You can give us a call or email us to arrange a time for our qualified gas heater servicing team to attend your home in Canberra, Queanbeyan or Jerrabomberra.

Plumbing van in Canberra area
Why has my drain blocked up?

There are lots of common causes of sewer and stormwater blockages such as tree roots, sanitary items, wet wipes, food, grease and oil, soap scum, hair and beauty products. Sometimes it is a surprise for our clients to find out that their family has been flushing down the drain.

The following points are worth considering if you are being a detective and narrowing down what might be the cause of your blocked drain:

  1. Something has been flushed down the drain that shouldn’t have been;
  2. Something is growing in your drains. Small tree roots can mass together and block a drain or larger roots can also clog the sewer or stormwater drain;
  3. Debris, leaves, mud and anything on the ground surface can be washed into the stormwater drains during rainfall or washing down pavements if infrastructure is not maintained;
  4. Poor installation of the drains when they were new. Unfortunately this is an all too common issue we come across and it negatively impacts your drainage performance and longevity;
  5. Lack of proper, thorough maintenance. Again, many blocked drains are not cleared properly or with substandard equipment.

If your drains have not been cleared or maintained they most likely will not be working to their full potential. Our drains serve us loyally day in and day out, However, they are subject to weather and climate conditions and the unusual things we flush down them (paper towels, toys, cleaning cloths to name a few). We have had to clear, repair and replace drains all over Canberra as young as 1 year old right through to 60+ years old.

What Is Better For Clearing My Drain - The Electric Eel or the High Pressure Water Jetter?
  1. In Canberra we have generally two options to clear a sewer or stormwater drain. That is:
    1. The electric eel
    2. The high pressure water jetter (jet blaster, hydro jet, water jet are all the same)

    At Canberra Plumbing & Drains, we commonly have conversations with our clients about what equipment is better. This isn’t a one size fits all answer. Typically the high pressure water jetter will do a more thorough clean of the sewer drains because of how it operates. However, the electric eel is a tried and true piece of equipment and no drain plumber should be without one in their company’s arsenal. So what is the difference between the eel and the jeter to clear drains in Canberra?

    The electric eel uses a cable with a cutter head at the end. The cable is attached to a machine that spins the cable and cutter head. It is placed into the drain and manually fed through the network cutting anything it can on its way through. The benefits of this piece of equipment is the various cutter heads that can be used to tackle different types of blocked drains. However, the cutter head is only ever approx 75% of the circumference of the drain leaving some of the blockage such as tree roots in the drain.

    The high pressure water jetter is a very versatile piece of kit for tackling blocked drains in Canberra. The jetter is a piece of equipment including a high powered pump, water tank, hoses and very special nozzles to blast water through the drains while being fed through the drain network. The water from the hose blasts away blockages, debris, tree roots and many types of blockages many people question if the jetter is capable of. The remnants of the blockage gets washed down to the sewer or stormwater mains and out of your house drains. The pump can be adjusted to lower or higher power so the water coming out will be carefully manipulated and will not damage the drains at your home. The benefits of the high pressure water jetter are many for your blocked drains in Canberra. Other than the versatile nozzles that can be used to clear away all types of blockages, the action of the water from those nozzles can clear right the way around the circumference of your drain leaving it as clear as possible. A high pressure water jetter meets its limits in stormwater drains in Canberra due to many of the older services being installed in concrete pipework. Concrete drains become brittle over time. However, older sewer drains are clay and do not become brittle like concrete stormwater drains.

What Equipment Will be Available to Unblock My Drain?

At Canberra Plumbing & Drains we have an extensive drainage team and therefore have an extensive range of equipment to unblock your sewer or stormwater drains:

  • We have customised service vehicles for our blocked drain plumbers equipped with electric eels, high pressure water jetters, CCTV drain cameras as well as the typical plungers etc
  • We stock environmentally friendly root inhibitors to apply down sewer drains that require this service
  • We have plans, maps and a great deal of digital data about your drains available to the blocked drain plumbers onsite while still at your home in Canberra
  • We have an exceptional administrative team to assist our stellar drainage team ensuring the job is communicated effectively and efficiently to ensure your blocked drains are cleared as efficiently and professionally as possible.

At Canberra Plumbing & Drains we have been serving Canberra for 20+ years and have upfront pricing. All our plumbers are skilled at clearing sewer and stormwater drains with all of our equipment.

What will the blocked drain plumber do when they are at my home?

Our drainage plumber will carry out the necessary investigations required to find the problem with your sewer or stormwater drains. In some cases we need to do extensive repairs or replace aspects of your drains. Be reassured nothing will be done without a thorough consultation and where required and very detailed quote. You will not have a surprise bill you were not expecting. We are pretty old school that way. We believe in honesty and integrity. We are members of this community, not fly-by-nighters trying to make a quick dollar in Canberra. We’ve looked after some clients drains in various suburbs of Canberra for over 20 years. That’s because they know they can rely on our services and we will always be there to help.

Depending on the issue you are experiencing the blocked drain plumber will do something like the following:

  • Inspect the sewer or stormwater drain wherever it is located in your home such as inside, outside or under the house;
  • Test the blocked drain to see how it responds and narrow down the cause and specific location;
  • Once a diagnosis is made the drainage plumber will speak with you about what the issue is, what your options are and determine what you would like to do from that point forward;
  • Once a plan has been developed the blocked drain plumber will carry our the work;
  • If repairs to your drain are required we only use the best quality materials and have all the equipment that will be required so you can be rest assured of quality and a warranty to back up the fantastic service you receive.
When is it a good time to ask questions?

The best time to ask questions is when you think of one! Alternatively once the blocked drain plumber has had a chance to fully investigate the issue with your sewer or stormwater drains they will have the answers you need. They will present their findings to you and then you can pick their brains as much as you like. Our drainage team is very experienced and there really isn’t anything they cannot answer for you. So, don’t be shy! Ask away and ensure you have all the information you need. That way we can get to work and get the blocked drain up and going as quickly as possible for you.

What Happens if My Drain Can’t Be Unblocked?

This tends to be a question asked by someone who has, unfortunately, experienced ongoing issues with their sewer or stormwater drains. There is only a small percentage of drains that cannot be cleared and that usually comes down to one of the following:

  • The blockage is inaccessible. This means the electric eel or high pressure water jet equipment cannot physically reach the blockage due to insufficient infrastructure prohibiting access;
  • The blockage is something that cannot be cut with the jaws of the drain eel or blasted away by the high pressure water jetter. Examples are balls, toilet deodorizers, large tree root infestations, or a collapsed drain.

So depending on the location of the blockage, the type of blockage, the age of the drain and the general infrastructure above the drain will depend on what is recommended. Some of the recommendations we make include:

  • Modification – this is recommended if we can gain access to the blockage by adding an access point in the network
  • Rediversion – this is recommended when there is a better way to run an new drain but leave the existing drain in its current location making that service redundant
  • Replacement – this is recommended when the drains are accessible and are beyond repair.
  • Relining – this is recommended when your drains are inaccessible such as under the house slab. There are many restrictions on when relining is successful and is not commonly recommended. We have many years of experience and know when this process will be successful or not. Many companies will recommend it without realising its drawbacks.
Why Do My Drains Need Replacing?

It can be daunting to be told that your sewer drains need replacing. Stormwater drains also need replacing from time to time but often get left by owners due to less inconvenient symptoms. However, we find both sewer and stormwater drains that require replacement but are left in poor condition can undermine the structural components of a home such as the footings. If one of our drain plumbing team recommends replacement of your drains it will be for the long term (and short term) benefit to our client and to the home or property.

The benefits of using Canberra Plumbing & Drains to replace your drains are:
  • We have over 20 years experience replacing sewer and stormwater drains. We have an extensive drainage team and we also have experience to manage a very professional team;
  • You will have a custom plan detailed in your quotation about what drain replacement work will be done, how the process will occur and you will be fully informed of all inclusions;
  • We start a job, stay on the job, and complete the job as per your quotation specifications. We do not do jobs in bits and pieces like many of our competitors;
  • We also have all the equipment you could imagine to replace drains such as excavators, kangas, truck, tipper trailers, concrete cutters, pumps, transfer pumps and a huge range of other tools and equipment;
  • On completion of your excavation work, you won’t have a big mess on your hands. We clean up all our debris, spread topsoil & seed or arrange concreting, hardscaping or garden bed restoration to a level our clients are very happy with. It is one of the aspects that sets Canberra Plumbing & Drains apart from the crowd.

Reasons to look after your drainage annually

Canberra’s climate creates conditions that your drains have a hard time coping with. We have very hot summers and a year round dry climate. Our lovely gardens are often searching for new water and nutrient sources which our drains often supply them with. Once those tree roots are in, wow do they have a field day. They can clog a drain very quickly with fine hair like roots and then grow into very large roots that are stronger and more resilient.

Many suburbs in Canberra have older sewer and stormwater drainage infrastructure whether that be clay, concrete or uPVC. Depending on the age, condition, installation, maintenance and invasive tree roots anywhere around your drains will determine what the likelihood of a blocked drain in your Canberra home will be. Maintenance is not the same for every home. But if you have a drainage issue you will know about it pretty quickly if you have a family living in the home. Singles or couples living in a family sized home will have fewer indicators but when you invite your family for Christmas….boy with you know then (cringe).

5 Top reasons to clear your drains annually:

  1. It helps prevent avoidable blocked drains and emergencies by keeping your drains operating optimally;
  2. It keeps small roots from becoming too big;
  3. It clears debris from the drain so when it rains your stormwater service can do its job;
  4. It allows problematic areas in your drains to be identified, recorded and monitored;
  5. It gives you information about how your drainage is ageing. You’d rather be forewarned if you are on the way to a new sewer or stormwater service.

Not all blocked drain services in Canberra are created equal. There are plenty of seemingly reliable companies claiming they will clear your blocked drains for under $99. We find that type of company has ways of cutting corners on the quality of the blocked drain service. So here is some of what we do and you can expect as a minimum: