Weird and unusual noises are never something you want to hear in your home. If you hear any of the noises mentioned below, it is related to your plumbing and you should get an experienced plumber out as soon as possible.

Knocking Sound

Do you hear knocking but no-one is at the front door? The sound may be coming from your pipes and there are a number of different noises depending on when the sound occurs.

When you turn off the water supply.

If the noise occurs when you flush your toilet, when you turn your taps off, or when the washing machine finishes filling, this is called a water hammer. A water hammer occurs when running water crashes into a valve that is suddenly shut. This noise usually means that the water hammer arrestor has worn out.

When water is running

If a knocking noise occurs when water is running its most likely cause is high water pressure. You may need to install a pressure reduction valve to stop this from occurring. 

Randomly during the day.

If the knocking is at random during the day, the most likely cause is sediment build-up in your hot water system. This can lead to increased vibration within the unit and, in turn, the pipes within your walls.

Dripping Noises

The sound of dripping can be easy to ignore – unless it’s in the middle of the night and you’re trying to sleep! It is, however, best to get it fixed before the issue changes from a drip to a gush! The damage that it can cause can quickly become costly – both in repairs and the increase in your water bill.


Are your toilets or other drains making gurgling or bubbling sounds when you flush it or run a tap? If the answer is yes, it is a sign that you have a blocked drain. This may seem like a small problem to start with, but can later turn into a costly issue if not attended to as soon as possible.


High pitched whining or squeaking could be a sign of a worn-out pressure reduction valve. These sounds can also be caused by water flowing quickly through small openings or past an obstruction in the pipe, causing vibrations in loose parts of the faucet or valve, triggering a whine. 

If you do have strange noises in your home, you should have it attended to by an experienced professional. The cause of the noises, if not inspected and repaired shortly after you notice them, can become a large, costly issue quicker than you think.

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