From drinking water, to using it to have a shower, and everything in between, water is essential to everyday life. However, we don’t want to have to pay for more than we have to.

How Can I Reduce my Water Consumption?

There are many ways you can reduce water consumption in your home – both on your own and with the help of a plumber. Finding ways to reduce your water consumption can help you to save money when your water bill comes in each quarter. Below are 7 ways you can reduce your water consumption:

  1. Turn off taps

Whether it be when you are brushing your teeth or washing your dishes, turning off your tap whilst you are not using the water is an easy way to save water.

2. Have shorter showers

We all enjoy a nice, long, relaxing shower, but having shorter showers, especially if you have a larger number of people in your house, is a great way to reduce your water consumption

3. Don’t run your dishwasher or washing machine until its full

This one may seem a little obvious but ensuring that you have a full load before turning it on will reduce water consumption (especially if you then have to do another small load later because you didn’t wait!)

4. Re-use water when possible

Once again, it may seem obvious, but if you can re-use water – even if it is just watering your plants – it can save your home a lot of water. For example, if your shower water takes a while to heat up, place a bucket underneath the spray and collect as much water as possible to re-use later.

5. Replace shower heads or tapware with more efficient ones

Higher water consumption could be caused by the type of showerheads or other tapware you have in your home. Replacing these with water efficient ones can reduce water usage throughout your home. For example, a water efficient showerhead can save you up to 26 litres of water for an average 7-minute shower.

6. Check for leaks and fix any leaks you have noticed

Finding and fixing any leaks around your home as soon as you notice them can help to prevent them not only becoming larger problems, but also help to save you on your water bill.

7. Install a rainwater harvesting system

Installing a rainwater harvesting system is a great way to reduce water consumption throughout your home. You can use the water you collect to help with watering the garden, washing cars or pets, and even provide water to your toilets and washing machine.

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