Water heating can count for a larger than expected part of your utilities bill. Unfortunately, we can’t all afford a new (and more efficient) hot water system to help save on our water heating costs. We can, however, all do something around our homes to help reduce the amount of hot water used. 

Whether you are looking for a no-cost change you can implement, low-cost, or even high-cost investments, you should be able to find something in the list below that will work for your family and your home. 

  • Take short showers instead of a bath. This, of course, depends on your family’s habits. If you like to take long, hot showers it may be more cost-effective for you to have a soak in a hot bath instead. 
  • Have shorter showers. If you don’t have a bath, or just prefer to have a shower instead, reducing the time you spend in the shower will help to save on your water heating bill. 
  • Don’t leave taps running when not in use. Similar to reducing your water consumption, turning taps off when not using them will help to reduce your water heating bill 
  • Use cold water for your washing machine. This way to save on your water heating is more of an obvious way to do so – it is also one of the easiest! Save on your water consumption at the same time by making sure the washing machine is full before starting a load.
  • Replace your hot water system. This is a long-term investment solution for saving on your water heating bill. Although it is a more expensive method, replacing your hot water system with a new, more efficient one is a sure way to ensure your water heating costs go down.
  • Use your dishwasher efficiently. Similar to making sure your washing machine is full before starting a load, making sure the dishwasher is completely full will help to use the water more efficiently, therefore saving on water heating costs.
  • Fix leaks straight away. Have you noticed a leak somewhere in your home? Is your hot water system leaking? If you have answered yes to either question, it is important that you get them looked at and fixed as soon as possible. This will help to save not only on your water heating bill, but also later on if the leak is not fixed and becomes a larger issue. 
  • Lower the temperature on your hot water system. Lowering the temperature on your hot water system will help to save on your bill as it will not require as much energy to heat up. 

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