There are many instances when you should call a commercial plumbing service for your business. Cafes and restaurants, for example, regularly need water for cooking and washing dishes; manufacturers need clear drains and water for many of their processes; hotels need reliable plumbing for all of their guests. These are a small selection of commercial jobs with plumbing needs, and there are a great many more.

With this in mind, knowing when to get a residential or commercial plumber can be challenging, even though their roles vary. If you want to know more about when and when not to call a reliable commercial plumber, here are some guidelines to help you make the best decision for your business plumbing systems.

What Do Commercial Plumbers Do?

A commercial plumber is a specialist who maintains, repairs, and installs commercial plumbing needs in schools, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, aged care homes, and other commercial properties. These jobs are typically more extensive and complex than other plumbing needs, encompassing tasks like:

  • Ensuring safe gas lines
  • Checking for leaks
  • Thermostatic mixing valve installation and maintenance
  • Maintaining hot water systems
  • Keeping boilers safe
  • Install & maintain fire sprinklers
  • Repair roof leaks
  • And more!

Commercial plumbers typically work across multiple floors, which you will likely find in commercial offices, hotels, and retail outlets.

How Are Commercial Plumbing & Residential Plumbing Services Different?

There are some critical differences between residential and commercial plumbing services, which help differentiate which assistance you require when experiencing a plumbing problem. These include:

1. Job Volume

The job size is a key difference between needing a commercial plumbing service and a residential plumber.  Commercial and industrial plumbing services usually comprise buildings with multiple levels interconnected by pipes for their plumbing system. However, residential plumbing maintenance usually consists of a maximum of three storeys, meaning the job is considerably smaller.

2. Tools & Equipment

Although all plumbers require specialist tools for plumbing upgrades, repairs, and ongoing maintenance,  professional commercial plumbers will require more complex tools, including:

  • Tiles saws
  • Industrial wet and dry vacuums
  • High-pressure drain cleaners
  • Generators
  • Concrete core drills
  • Welding equipment
  • Sludge pump
  • Backflow prevention test kits

3. Dependability on Services

If you are left without water in your home or have other plumbing issues, you can handle the wait a little easier than commercial properties. Without well-functioning commercial plumbing, a business may have to shut its doors as water and toilet facilities are essential to their staff and customers. Without these essentials, it can adversely affect business patronage and revenue.

4. Job Complexity

Aside from the sheer size of the job, the complexity of commercial plumbing systems means they require the attention of specialist technicians. With a job like unblocking drains across multiple interconnected pipes, the large number of users means a greater demand for quicker restoration and functionality. 

Commercial plumbing is more complex than residential plumbing as it involves complicated systems with large and interconnected pipes. Our team knows how to deal with these problems quickly and effectively so businesses can keep running uninterrupted.

When to Call a Commercial Plumbing Service

Plumbing problems in the business world will be inevitable, whether in government buildings or retail stores. You know it’s time to call your go-to commercial plumbing services when you experience any of the following:

Gas Leaks

While most commercial buildings have gas leak detectors installed, if a leak occurs, a specialist gas fitter needs to be called in as soon as possible. Gas leaks can be detrimental to people’s health long-term, causing memory loss, severe headaches, and loss of consciousness. For this reason, instant evacuation is essential for the safety of both staff and clients. In this situation, you should never hesitate to call commercial plumbing services, no matter the time of day or night.

Emergency Plumbing

It’s not uncommon for commercial premises to need emergency plumbing services at some stage of operation. These services are in place to assist businesses when they have issues such as:

  • Burst pipes
  • Overflowing sewage systems
  • No hot water
  • Multiple clogged drains

Blocked drains

Blocked drains due to clogging are high on a commercial facility’s list of issues. Avoiding the issue is possible; however, employees and visitors sometimes flush items down toilets and wash items down kitchen drains that they shouldn’t. 

As drainage systems are complicated, blocked drains need fixing quickly, so the pipes don’t cause more significant problems such as cracking, bursting or overflowing into your home.

Plumbing Installation

Commercial plumbing services are known to install all the plumbing needs for new building projects in commercial establishments. This type of work includes designing infrastructure for:

  • Stormwater drainage
  • Fire protection and irrigation
  • Drainage systems
  • Heating, cooling & ventilation
  • Gas fitting
  • Water supply
  • Installation of toilets, sinks and other fixtures.

Routine Maintenance

Routine care of your industrial plumbing by a professional service, can help alleviate issues before the building needs roofing repairs, drains unblocked, leaking pipes fixed or tap repairs. Some maintenance includes:

  • Doing a water usage audit
  • Drain cleaning
  • Checking fixtures
  • Check stormwater systems for breakages and blockages
  • Assess roof ventilation
  • Check hot water systems.

When NOT to Call a Commercial Plumber

There are few circumstances where you wouldn’t contact a commercial plumber, such as:

  • You Need Residential Plumbing: If you live in a non-commercial property without the complexities of multi-story industrial plumbing.
  • You work in a residential building: You work from home and only require the services of a residential plumber.

Hiring a Reliable Commercial Plumbing Services

At Canberra Plumbing and Drains, our crew is equipped for both commercial and residential plumbing, despite each having different needs. Our qualified plumbers have the right skills and expertise in plumbing regulations to meet all commercial and residential requirements. 

We take pride in our level of great customer service, which you will experience when you contact us at (02) 6288 9929 to schedule an appointment.