The operation of gas disconnection in Australia is a regulated procedure designed to ensure safety and compliance with the law. It’s also a process that demands the technical expertise of a licensed and qualified plumber, as any attempt to do it yourself could be illegal and potentially hazardous.

So, whether you’re switching to solar or electrical appliances or planning some building work, it’s important to understand the process. 

The Process Behind a Gas Disconnection

Gas disconnection refers to the process of disconnecting a property from the gas supply network.

In Australia, this process must be carried out by a registered and licensed gasfitter to ensure safety and compliance with the law.

The disconnection process involves the plumber turning off the gas supply at the meter, then using a specialised tool to disconnect the gas pipes from the meter and any other gas-powered appliances.

The plumber will then cap off all of the pipes and provide a certificate of compliance to confirm that all work has been carried out safely and in accordance with regulations.

It is important to note that attempting any gas work without being licensed and registered is illegal, as this could cause serious harm or even death.

Plus, any reconnection work must also be carried out by a registered and experienced plumber.

Why Conduct a Gas Disconnection?

Deciding to have a gas disconnection done on your home in favour of switching to solar or electricity can be influenced by several factors.

For starters, many homeowners in Canberra have the growing concern over environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, while energy costs are skyrocketing.

Opting for a gas disconnection and using renewable energy sources such as solar power or electricity from renewable sources can significantly reduce a household’s carbon footprint.

Choosing to initiate a gas disconnection is also a beneficial move when the local grid is powered by renewable sources, such as wind or hydroelectric power. And while electrically powered appliances tend to be more energy-efficient than their gas counterparts, this can translate into significant savings on utility bills over time. 

Additionally, safety concerns can also lead to a decision for a gas disconnection. For example, although rare, gas leaks can pose a serious risk to households. On the other hand, solar and electric systems do not have the same risk level.

Legal Requirements for Gas Disconnections

In Australia, regulatory measures are in place to ensure gas safety within households and commercial establishments.

As per the law, it is illegal to undertake gas disconnection without the assistance of a licensed gasfitter. This regulation is not just a formality but a significant safety measure.

This is because engaging in gas disconnection is a sensitive process that requires adequate knowledge and expertise, which is why it is mandated that only qualified professionals can perform this task. 

The objective behind this law is to safeguard you from potential hazards like gas leaks or other accidents that could stem from improper disconnections.

Our licensed gasfitters in Canberra undergo comprehensive training and are equipped with the necessary skills to handle gas installations and disconnections safely and efficiently.

They are well-versed in the complexity of the systems, and their work abides by the Australian Standards, ensuring consumer safety at all times.

How A Gas Disconnection Works

The process of gas disconnection in Australia typically involves the following steps:

  1. Contact a licensed gasfitter: The first step is to engage a professional who is legally certified to perform the disconnection, like our team at Canberra Plumbing and Drains.
  2. Schedule an appointment: Our plumber will then arrange a suitable time to carry out the disconnection.
  3. Disconnection: We will safely disconnect your property from the gas supply.
  4. Verification: Once the disconnection is complete, our plumbers will lodge the relevant compliance documentation that the process has been carried out correctly, and as per regulations.

Reconnection Procedures

Should you ever need to reconnect your gas supply, the process is similar to the disconnection procedure. However, it’s important to note that a new connection will likely involve additional costs and requirements.

Costs Involved

The cost of gas disconnection can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the job and your existing system. Contact us for more information and a tailored quote.

Key Takeaways

  • Gas disconnection in Australia requires technical expertise and legal compliance.
  • Important to engage a professional for safe and correct gas disconnection.
  • Gas disconnection is not a DIY task.
  • Always hire a licensed professional to avoid hazards and maintain legal compliance.
  • Canberra Plumbing and Drains provides a comprehensive range of services related to gas disconnections.


Can I have my gas disconnected?

Yes, a plumber/gasfitter can disconnect gas in Australia, but it is important to ensure that the plumber/gasfitter is licensed and registered to perform gas work. If you need to disconnect or remove your gas meter, you can complete a disconnection request form with your gas distributor

How do I get my gas disconnected?

To get your gas disconnected by a plumber, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Contact Canberra Plumbing and Drains: It is recommended to hire a licensed plumber/gasfitter to ensure the disconnection is done safely and according to local regulations.
  2. Schedule an appointment: Call us to schedule a convenient time for them to come and disconnect the gas. They will likely ask for details about the type of appliance or line that needs to be disconnected.
  3. Prepare the area: Clear the area around the gas appliance or line to allow us easy access. Make sure there are no obstructions or objects that could interfere with the disconnection process.
  4. Assist: When we arrive, provide us with any necessary information about the gas appliance or line. Follow their instructions and assist them as needed during the disconnection process.

What do gas meter disconnection costs look like?

The cost of gas meter disconnection in Australia varies depending on the distributor and the type of disconnection. Contact your utility provider for more information.